Covalent Postman Collection

Postman collection for Covalent.

Last check : 2021/05/20


  1. Download Postman
  2. Import Covalent Postman Collection. Import -> Upload Files -> Covalent.postman_collection.json
  3. Import the Covalent Demo Postman Environment. Settings -> Import -> Choose Files -> Covalent Demo.postman_environment.json
  4. Call any Covalent REST endpoint


We're hoping to continuously keep this collection up-to-date with the Covalent APIs. If you're able to help improve theCCovalent Postman Collection in any way, first create a feature branch by branching off of master, next make the improvements on your feature branch and lastly create a pull request to merge your work back in to master.

Last Updated: 5/24/2021, 6:44:17 AM