Chat Bot

A Chat Bot based on Covalent


Example chatbot implement with Covalent API Current Feature

  • Customer can manage(ADD/UPDATE/DELETE) the wallets address(Support ERC/BSC) to our bot
  • Customer can click the menu transactions and our will help the customer feed the transaction from COVALENT api can help them to categorize.(Withdraw/Deposit/Tread/etc)
  • Customer can click menu portfolio and our bot will help them to summarise total assert by address
  • Customer can check current price and input the symbol for price checking

For more information about Covalent product please click link below

Don't forget to clone for web interface


Change file .env_example to .env and fill the configuration

$ npm install

Running the app

# development
$ npm run start

# watch mode
$ npm run start:dev

# production mode
$ npm run start:prod
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